milk shakes for three

today my mom did not feel good so i was stuck doing everything

so I decided to make some milkshakes for all of us

my mom got a new blender its this one called the vidamix

so i got out all of my ingredients

milk ice cream malt stuff chocolate strawberry and ice

my moms and brothers were first they wanted a real strawberry shake with real strawberry and lots of ice cream

so i put all my ingredients in the vidamix and mixed them all up

my mom taste it

my heart was racing was she going to like

the words cam out slowly

she said it was perfect

them ate there shakes

then i had to make mine

all i did for mine was put random stuff in the vidamix

that’s one of my favorite words random


i mixed it all up

i poured it in a glass

i have to admit i was a little scared to try it

but as i drank it

it was not that bad

put the only part the stinks

is that i will never know how to make it again since there was no recipe

nats universe