we all have alot of dreams and wishes i wish i had amillon dollars i dream of having a boyfriuend i dream about alot of things what do you dream or wish about




acting camp was a blast we learned lots of  new things

the very last day we put on shows for our parents

mine was alice in wonderland

it was awesome



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one day i got home from school and got the mail i looked threw it like i always do and to my surpise i found a letter for me i opened it right away it was from this thing from nam it stod for national american miss

the letter said we had to go to an open call to learn more about it at that open call we had a interview

they could only pick 10 percent of the girls there to be in there pagent

they would call if you got in and would send you anthor letter if you dind not get in

i couple days later i was starting to get nervous they had not called but that afternoon i was hangin out wuth my friend molly

and  got the call i got in it was so exiting

i am going to do the four main comps with are beauty interview personal intro and cummunity invovment

then i am going to do extras witch arebest artist best tankyou note talent actress photo shot photosand modling

the pagent is going to be sooooooooooooo much fun