last night


last night we had a huge thunder-storm the lightning was flashing and the thunder was booming

i was down stairs in my big bedroom

i have to admit i am a little bit scared of thunder storms

the rain was hitting the metal that sounded like hail

the lighting looked like fire

I am deathly afraid of fire

so I went upstairs and told my mom

she laid out a bed for me on the couch

and I sleep there

but like I said we have 3 dogs

one of our dogs is just like me

but you know in a dog version

she was winning wanting to come out cause she was so scared

finally my mom came out again and let all the dogs out of there kennel

my dog came right up to me started licking me in the face

went under the blankets and fell asleep

that is what happened with that thunder-storm

     nats universe

By natsuniverse Posted in weather

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