cleaning out my closet

i couple days ago i cleaned out my closet with one of my best friends anna
i have to tell you it was hard work
i used to have about thousnds of clothes now i barley have any
i keep on growing and growing so i never have clothes that fit
i usely go throw my closet aleast four or five times a year
well we started with my closet that is where i keep my dresses and shirts
we put everything in two piles that took us about 45 mins
then we what throw my dresser that is where i keep my pants and pjs
we put those in the two piles hat took about 30 mins
then my other dresser whitch had under wear socks bras and sports stuff
tat took about 10 mins
thats all we did and in total that was about 1 hour and 20 mins
all we had to do from there was put them in bags or put them away
my no clothes was almost up to the celing
thats all we did
nats universe


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