cleaning out my closet

i couple days ago i cleaned out my closet with one of my best friends anna
i have to tell you it was hard work
i used to have about thousnds of clothes now i barley have any
i keep on growing and growing so i never have clothes that fit
i usely go throw my closet aleast four or five times a year
well we started with my closet that is where i keep my dresses and shirts
we put everything in two piles that took us about 45 mins
then we what throw my dresser that is where i keep my pants and pjs
we put those in the two piles hat took about 30 mins
then my other dresser whitch had under wear socks bras and sports stuff
tat took about 10 mins
thats all we did and in total that was about 1 hour and 20 mins
all we had to do from there was put them in bags or put them away
my no clothes was almost up to the celing
thats all we did
nats universe


VACATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh vacation time

a couple weeks ago we were going to go to Texas to visit my grandma and grandpa
but they had to come home since grandpa was not feeling well
so a couple days ago my mom surprised us with going to mall of america
we are all so exited we are going to leave on Monday and come back on Friday
here is our schedule for the week

Saturday and Sunday-we are going to pack everything
food drinks clothes blankets everything

Monday- we are going to leave at about noon and get there around four or five
when we get there we are going to eat and unpack and then we are going to go swiming

Tuesday- we are going get up get dressed and eat
than we are going to take the shuttle to mall of america
all day long we are going be at the Nickelodeon theme park

Wednesday- we are going to do all our chores
then we are going to take the shuttle to mall of america
we are going to go to the aquarium
then we are going to split up
my brother and my dad are going to go to Lego universe
and me and my mom are going to go to the american girl store

Thursday- we are going to roam around downtown and the mall
and maybe meet some of my moms buddy’s

Friday we are going to pack everything up and go swimming a little and then go home

did i mention in between everything we are going to be swimming

i will keep you posted on everything during my vacation

nats universe

last night


last night we had a huge thunder-storm the lightning was flashing and the thunder was booming

i was down stairs in my big bedroom

i have to admit i am a little bit scared of thunder storms

the rain was hitting the metal that sounded like hail

the lighting looked like fire

I am deathly afraid of fire

so I went upstairs and told my mom

she laid out a bed for me on the couch

and I sleep there

but like I said we have 3 dogs

one of our dogs is just like me

but you know in a dog version

she was winning wanting to come out cause she was so scared

finally my mom came out again and let all the dogs out of there kennel

my dog came right up to me started licking me in the face

went under the blankets and fell asleep

that is what happened with that thunder-storm

     nats universe

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milk shakes for three

today my mom did not feel good so i was stuck doing everything

so I decided to make some milkshakes for all of us

my mom got a new blender its this one called the vidamix

so i got out all of my ingredients

milk ice cream malt stuff chocolate strawberry and ice

my moms and brothers were first they wanted a real strawberry shake with real strawberry and lots of ice cream

so i put all my ingredients in the vidamix and mixed them all up

my mom taste it

my heart was racing was she going to like

the words cam out slowly

she said it was perfect

them ate there shakes

then i had to make mine

all i did for mine was put random stuff in the vidamix

that’s one of my favorite words random


i mixed it all up

i poured it in a glass

i have to admit i was a little scared to try it

but as i drank it

it was not that bad

put the only part the stinks

is that i will never know how to make it again since there was no recipe

nats universe


today we are basicaly doing nothing.

im home schooled so sometimes we just sit and do nothing

i played with my dogs

played my ipod

do stuff on the computer

and thats about it

tonight all i am going to do is plobuly watch house of anubis like always

watch american idol and some other stuff

maybe i will rock out to music in my room tonight who knows

post u later

nats universe